Wide Processing Range

Round tube Φ12mm-273mm, square tube 12*12mm-200*200mm; The processing range is expanded by 12% which break through the processing limitation. It is no longer limited to conventional tubes such as round tubes and square tubes, as well as profiles such as angle steel and channel steel, and other special-shaped tubes such as drop-shaped and C-shaped can also be easily cut;

Achieving More Different Cutting Angles

Breaking through the limitation of conventional 0° cutting and straight section, R9 can perform a maximum 45° bevel cutting to achieve the effect of section bevel angle and meet the needs of seamless splicing of the workpiece after cutting.

Achieving Higher Cutting Efficiency

The Max. speed is 140m/min, The Max. Rotating Speed is 120r/min, The Max Acceleration is 1.2G. It can cut 3.5 Φ6 round holes at a high speed in 1 second. It has strong power and good skills.

Multi-touch Operation System

The first domestic bevel laser tube cutting machine with multi-touch operating system, innovative multi-point gesture control mode, minimal navigation page design, operating industrial equipment is as simple as operating a tablet computer.

Three-dimensional Five-axis Smart Cutting Technology

The first domestic R&D, the perfect combination of the bevel cutting head custom-developed in Germany and the premium five-axis numerical control system, tuned out the excellent performance of the three-dimensional five-axis smart cutting technology.The maximum 45° bevel angle, realize seamless tube splicing, meet the needs of medium and thick tube bevel welding. The industry’s unique speed+, flying cutting, and leapfrog tube cutting technologies, smart cutting, improve efficiency, and demonstrate the perfect cutting.

Intelligent Clamping Technology

Foreign technology, a “smart thinking chuck” exclusively used in domestic. Precise jaw clamping status, pipe size, real-time wireless data transmission, and self-adaptive adjustment of clamping force.
180 IQ, simplified operation.

Technical Parameter
Feature/Model R9
Round Tube Processing Dim. Φ12-Φ273mm
Square Tube Processing Dim. 12*12mm-200*200mm
Max Single Tube Loading Weight 200kg
Chuck Rotating Speed 120r/min
Max. Acc. Speed 1.2G
Power Protection Grade IP54

*The above data is for reference only, subject to the actual product!

Cutting Sample