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Technical Trainning Guidiance

Thank you for purchasing HSG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. In order to ensure the efficient and safe use of equipment, HSG Laser provides free and complete operation training. Customers who purchases machines can arrange technicians to HSG Laser Company to receive standardized training after purchasing the equipment. and btain a certificate of completion, hold the certificate to the post to effectively ensure the safety of the machine and the operator.

Appointment For Training

After signing the contract, the production order is placed, our customer service staff will make an appointment for the following training.


Trainees shall register at the front desk at the appointed time for arranging accommodation and providing daily use.


Completing training courses at HSG Laser training center

Theory & Practical Training

Theory & Practical Training Test


Passing the examination and issueing a certification

After the trainee information is submitted for registration, the customer service will notify the customer to arrange the training time.
After joining the training course, the instructor will arrange the grouping of trainees and each training content.
After passing the written test,during the operation training, you must strictly abide by the safety and operation rules.
After graduation, you can operate the machine directly. Professional training can help the development of the enterprise.
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