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How To Operate A Laser Cutting Machine Correctly?2020-11-28

As a high-tech product, laser cutting machine is widely used in the processing of the entire machinery industry. Thus, how to use the laser cutting machine correctly and safely is the main concern of the customers. Below are some guidelines from HSG Laser: 1. Observe the operating instructions of the laser cutting machine, and strictlyRead More >

Requirements For Metal Laser Cutting Machine Working2020-11-28

1. Requirements For pure water There’s a very strict requirement for the cooling water. It is required to use pure water, deionized water or distilled water and other water quality. Do not use tap water, mineral water and other water containing higher metal ions or other minerals. These water quality have a great influence onRead More >

How The Cutting Speed Affect The Cutting Quality?2020-11-28

As we all know, speed and quality are often inversely proportional, higher speed may often comes with lower quality. So, what effect does the cutting speed of the metal laser cutting machine have on the cutting quality? Let’s take a look. Selection of an appropriate cutting speed is actually very important for laser cutting.  TheRead More >

About The Ventilation System Of Laser Cutting Machine2020-11-28

The principle of metal laser cutting machine processing metal sheet is to irradiate the sheet metal surface with high-energy laser, and the high temperature makes it quickly melt to achieve the purpose of cutting. In the process of metal laser cutting, high-temperature burning of metal will produce a small amount of exhaust gas. In orderRead More >