Much smaller in size, micron-level precision

Much faster in cutting speed, higher efficient

Smooth, flat and sightly surface, with no need for subsequent polishing

Fit for precision-demanding industries, incl. precision electron, mobile digital products, precision accessories, sophisticated artwork, mould, furniture and medical devices.

Advanced technology
Advanced technology​

Laser energy precise-control technology
We import IPG or adopt Raycus laser device which can adapt its power to cutting speed to ensure that there is no burnt edge, burnt corner, burning trace or adhering slag while cutting.


Non-mechanical contact cutting
Cutting materials are less affected by laser heat, as a result, cutting gap and deformation degree are relatively small. Our machines also balance cutting, engraving, piercing and other cutting crafts well.

Reliable components
Reliable components

1.0-2.0mm small nozzle
Gassing density is increased and laser energy will accordingly become bigger.

Steady machine bed
With taper pins positioning, cutting stability and precision are highly guaranteed.

High-precise transmission parts
We import whole set of speed reducer, gear wheel and racks, as well as servo motor from Germany and Japan.

Cutting samples
Applicable models