Why we call it as lightning-fast piercing?

As we all know, pulse piercing we adopted, unlike blast piercing, can melt or vaporize bits of material by its pulse laser at peak power. Only tiny particle spraying will be caused by every pulse laser and the piercing will go deep after that. In this way, a few seconds are usually taken to pierce even thick sheets. For example, 20mm iron sheet is pierced within 0.5s. If pierce-through, the cutting head instantly goes on to the next one. It is as fast as lightning. Time-saving strength comes out.

Why lightning-fast piercing is easy for us?

Autofocus cutting head
Self-developed by HSG Laser, rational in gas flow. Its fast-cooling module will keep itself at constant temperature during lightning-fast piercing.

Bus control system

Faster and more accurate in signal feedback than other systems.

IPG/Raycus laser device

High output power, take accurate control of laser beam in time and space.

Japan or Germany-imported gas circuit control

More reliable and can switch between cutting gas or gas pressure in time and control piercing time accurately.

Let's check the piercing effects

With our laser machines, the pierced holes will remain unchanged in shape, be smooth in cutting surface, high in precision and almost slagless. Never worry about popping rate because it is nearly negligible.