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Alpha T Bus Control System2022-01-12

WHAT ARE BUS AND ALPHA T BUS SYSTEM If we compare mother board to a city, the bus is just like public bus in this city and can transmit different signals back and forth on fixed lines. It is a data-shared transmission device. Alpha T enables accurate data transmission only via a network cable andRead More >

Cutting of Special-shaped Tubes2022-01-12

Cut Most of Marketable Special-shaped Tubes Our tube laser cutting machines can process drop-shaped, triangular, fan-shaped, waist-shaped, D-shaped, L-shaped, C-shaped, trapezoidal, concave tubes, other complex-shaped polygonal tubes, etc. Intelligent Digital Chucks​ Our chucks can feel clamping status and tube size of tubes, offer wireless data transmission and adjust clamping force in self-adaptive way to evenRead More >

Intelligent Digital Chucks2022-01-12

Make Good for Deficiency Our self-developed intelligent digital chucks gather up advantages of hydraulic (large clamping force and stable cutting for heavy materials) and pneumatic chuck (high clamping accuracy) and cover the shortage of them, namely, high energy consumption & easy to damage. With digital signal, the chucks can match with proper air pressure, adjustRead More >

Lightning-fast Piercing2022-01-12

Why we call it as lightning-fast piercing? As we all know, pulse piercing we adopted, unlike blast piercing, can melt or vaporize bits of material by its pulse laser at peak power. Only tiny particle spraying will be caused by every pulse laser and the piercing will go deep after that. In this way, aRead More >

Micron-level Superfine Cutting2022-01-12

Much smaller in size, micron-level precision Much faster in cutting speed, higher efficient Smooth, flat and sightly surface, with no need for subsequent polishing Fit for precision-demanding industries, incl. precision electron, mobile digital products, precision accessories, sophisticated artwork, mould, furniture and medical devices. Advanced technology Laser energy precise-control technology We import IPG or adopt RaycusRead More >

Mirror-like surface Cutting2022-01-12

As smooth as a mirror, smaller degree of taper, highter precision Much thicker mirror-like surface Tackle tiny hold and sharp corner cutting Save energy and costs Improve cutting efficiency Facilitate subsequent processing What is Mirror-like surface Cutting? It means that carbon steel is cut with very smooth surface by oxygen, just like a mirror. WeRead More >

Real 0 Tailing2022-01-12

WHY WE CAN CUT WITH “0” TAILING Our self-developed intelligent four chucks, namely, dual hydraulic+ dual pneumatic chucks, can offer reversing cutting to replace traditional three chucks that give rise to overlong tailing. MATERIAL UTILIZATION 100%, SAVE PURCHASING COSTS Cutting with real “0” tailing removes material waste completely and helps users to save purchasing costsRead More >

Self-developed Cutting Heads2022-01-12

Previous Next Self-developed by Our Japanese Subsidiary Japanese Subsidiary, led by Mr. Masai Imai who has worked in laser application for 30+ years, sets up laser processing verification laboratory, optical testing laboratory and optical elements testing laboratory to carry out various optical tests by its professional optical testing devices. Until now, it has successfully developedRead More >

Smoke-free Cutting2022-01-12

Hurricane-force Zoning Ventilation, Maximum Blowing Volume Our ventilation system, divided into left and right zone, is generally controlled by butterfly valve and has intensive suction. In combination with 300*300mm full-hollow air ducts on both sides, its blowing capacity will be maximized to create good ventilation and almost smoke-free effects. Smoke exhaust is in parallel withRead More >

Ultra-low-cost Air Cutting2022-01-12

High Cutting Efficiency, but Low Costs The speed of air cutting is 3 times faster than that of oxygen, therefore, its cutting is highly efficient. The low-pressure air cutting adopted, not like high-pressure cutting requiring high-pressure high-energy air compressor, will decrease power consumption by 50% High Cutting Efficiency, but Low Costs While cutting conventional materials,Read More >