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R & D Team

HSG laser professional independent core R&D team, accounting for more than 12% of the company’s total employees, including software engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, industrial designers and other professional teams, the company has established long-term cooperation with many universities, such as production, education, research and talent training. relationship. Relying on the advantages of mature software development and controller development, the company fully masters core technologies such as CNC systems, precision cutting heads, and high-speed transmission systems. The equipment processes products with higher precision, smoother cutting ports, faster speeds, and higher production capacity.

R&D Laboratory

HSG Laser Company has R&D laboratories in its Foshan headquarters and Suzhou subsidiary, which are directly managed by the R&D team. Its main function is to cooperate with the R&D team to test and adjust new products, so that the products can be improved and the technology can be innovatively developed. At the same time, the R&D laboratory also has the functions of personnel training and training. In cooperation with many universities, it has cultivated a large number of R&D technical talents for the company, so that the company’s R&D team can continue to grow and the R&D strength is steadily improved.

Software System Development Results

Since starting the software system development, the HSG Laser R&D team has achieved fruitful results. In 2015, the HSG8800 control system was launched, in 2017 the HSG 8900 control system was launched, and in 2018, HSG X2000, HSG X8000, HSG X9000, HSG X9500, and HSG were successively launched. X9800 control system provides powerful software technical support for the company’s three major cutting machine series products. The system uses the imported software bottom layer, developed based on the company’s models and operating habits of the operators. The operation is simple and intuitive, and the auxiliary functions are powerful.

Product Development Results

HSG Laser currently has 6 series of plate cutting machines, plate and pipe integrated machines, pipe cutting machines, bending machines, welding machines, and automation equipment, totaling more than 100 products, including plate cutting machines, plate and pipe integrated machines and professional pipe cutting machines. Always at the forefront of industry technology, the ultra-high-power laser cutting machine GV launched in 2019, the high-power plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine GHE, the ultra-heavy professional tube cutting machine TL500, the extremely small tube professional tube cutting machine TM65, five-axis storm cutting The professional pipe cutter TP65S and other models have set off a storm of technological innovation in the industry and led the industry development vane.