Hurricane-force Zoning Ventilation, Maximum Blowing Volume

Our ventilation system, divided into left and right zone, is generally controlled by butterfly valve and has intensive suction. In combination with 300*300mm full-hollow air ducts on both sides, its blowing capacity will be maximized to create good ventilation and almost smoke-free effects. Smoke exhaust is in parallel with cutting to discharge smoke dust instantly and offer you a cleaning environment.

Positive-pressure Protection, Smooth Smoke Exhaust

HSG prefers to positive-pressure ventilation system at national-standard level. Several blower fans are installed on our cover ceiling and beam to send positive pressure to cutting area. Cutting smoke dust will be pressed down below machine bed from the ceiling.

The above blower fans work with the button hurricane-force ventilation system to discharge cutting smoke in the blink of an eye.


In addition, an air outlet is reserved on Z axis of cutting head to blow smoke dust away in time, as thus, preventing any possible pollution and making it work for a longer time.

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