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We must have the determination to serve every customer perfectly
Article Category: Service Cases Post Date: November 30, 2020

300+ after-sales personnel constitute HSG Laser’s huge after-sales service system. After-sales technicians are the blood of HSG Laser in the world market. As long as customers have requirements, no matter where you are, we will always solve the problem for you.
HSG Laser’s after-sales service can achieve today’s accomplishments, is because there are such a group of after-sales technicians.


Engineer He said that we need patience when we face new customers. The first time the customer uses the equipment, he will go through the running-in period. After the operator returns to the factory, the skill level will be different because of the different models, personal mastery and understanding. Every time with a new user, I will train the operator again until he can operate the equipment independently, and explain all the precautions before leaving. For maintenance, customers should have confidence with our products and services. I will call the customer to understand the situation before I go to repair. For example, whether the the problem can be solved via phone, or to see if replacement parts are needed, our only goal is to solve the problem efficiently for our precious customers. As after-sales staff, we must listen carefully and humbly with customer’s suggestions and opinions and improve our services in time, moreover, we must have the determination to do every service well. Due to the increasing number of HSG Laser equipment, we must solve the problem efficiently when the manpower is insufficient, otherwise it will not only take the time of customers and affect the efficiency of production, but also our time. Maintain a serious, rigorous and highly responsible attitude in work, and always urge and alert yourself to a good sense of service.

Engineer Zhang has always been gentle and taken the customer’s affairs as his own. He is abled to complete the installation and commissioning of laser equipment below 6000 watts independently in less than 2 years after joining HSG Laser, including all kinds of fault handling and cutting process debugging, etc. Regional customers also rated Engineer Zhang very high, establishing a good reputation and corporate image for the company.