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Metal Processing
Article Category: Applications Post Date: November 22, 2020

1. Product Features:

The ability of foreign metal processing / hardware products industry to accept external orders depends on the processing ability of the equipment. The stronger and more extensive the processing ability of the equipment, the richer the types of business orders the enterprise can undertake, the larger the processing output, and the more benefit it can create. 

In addition, the processing efficiency and use cost of the equipment directly affect the production cost, processing profit and return period of the product. Therefore, it is very important for the users of metal processing / hardware industry to choose a equipment with strong processing ability, high efficiency, good quality and low use cost.

Metal Processing

2. Technical advantages:

HSG laser has a rich product line, covering almost all equipment in the field of metal forming equipment. The high-power laser cutting machine has a strong processing ability. Taking 12000W as an example, it can cut stainless steel / carbon steel / aluminum with a maximum thickness of 40mm, brass with a maximum thickness of 16mm, and copper with a maximum thickness of 12mm. Rich plate processing types and thicknesses help users win more orders. Compared with plasma cutting equipment, laser cutting can ensure excellent cutting accuracy and stable product consistency in batch processing. 

At the same time, the cost can be reduced by 70%. Compared with traditional flame cutting, water cutting and other processes, the processing method is more environmentally friendly and clean. The high-speed laser pipe cutting machine TS65 has a super strong processing range: it can process pipes with a diameter of 12-254mm, in addition to ordinary round pipes and square pipes, it can also process profiles such as angle steel, channel steel and various shapes of special-shaped pipes; it also has a very fast cutting speed, with an efficiency increase of more than 50% compared with ordinary laser pipe cutting machines. 

Compared with the traditional argon arc welding process, the welding speed of the hand-held laser welding machine is faster, the deformation of the workpiece is smaller, the weld seam is smooth and beautiful, and there is no need for secondary processing. Oil electric hybrid bending machine has good energy saving effect, high bending accuracy and convenient operation.

HSG laser’s abundant metal forming equipment product line can help you to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, improve processing efficiency, reduce production costs and maximize profits.

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